Wednesday, December 06, 2006

we have much to learn from them

so i am getting the hang of the bus/train thing in the area i'm staying in, (around shinjuku) only to move out of it on saturday & learn a new route. i like the area i'm living in-it's where "lost in translation" was filmed. it's an eclectic mix of neon & old hood, businesses & adventure. but shibuya, where the yoga studio is, is really very cool. i past the "salt & tobacco museum" today on the way to teaching. i think i have to visit that tomorrow. i need to do more exploring, but i have been SO wiped out from teaching, i need to nap, etc. take deep hot tub excursion each day with salts. which means i am probably working too hard-adjusting too much. it's not like the students expect adjustments, they don't at all. it's just so cool to be teaching in a room where everyone, no matter what the level, works their butts off, and says "arrigato" afterwards loud & clear before leaving the room, much like the greeting you get when entering a sushi bar. it's just so cool & refreshing. i believe the japanese can be the astanga role models of the future. we have much to learn from them.

incidently, i saw a "hello kitty" mat bag today. it really made me chuckle, because as much as that is a stereotype for japan, it is everywhere, and it just makes you smile! of course i need to know where i can get one of those bags...

monday at noon i am going to interview several of the teachers from tokyo-yoga for the astanga news website, find out their views, etc. we have much to learn from them. japan has been put on the map as far as astanga is concerned. it's building rapidly, and everyone that comes to teach here has a pleasant experience. i am lucky.

so if you like new york, you will love tokyo. its the same, only it's japan.


soaking in my deep tub, as all households have, i was thinking about that fact. i don't think i ever thought i would be in japan. i mean, india was far out enough, but japan is different. there's something very special about this place. i just hope i can conserve my energy enough to enjoy some more of it!

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